Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Migraine Hell

I'm in migraine hell today - my prescription didn't get rid of it last night. You would think if I managed to live 54 years without getting them I would have managed to escape them but no, this year I had to start getting migraines. Some things you expect to get with age.  Migraines were a little surprise for my middle age, but then I guess idiopathic peripheral neuropathy was another surprise.

At this point I have called in sick. I am just waiting for the two Benadryl to kick in and knock me out so I can sleep through some of this. At least I can post this via my cell phone  so that the light of my computer won't kill my eyes.

You would think that my dog could at least have the courtesy of not snoring here next to me while I wait for sleep.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

My new Verizon Droid

After about four years my cell phone gave up the ghost so my wife and I got Verizon Droids.  Now I am having fun learning how to use it. This is my first E-mail with it.

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