Monday, January 1, 2007

A new year can begin with a new day

Happy new year to everyone. May it be a year in which your dreams are fulfilled and you see the greatness of God in your life.

Many people start the new year with New Years resolutions. The reasons range from past disappointments to people wanting to improve themselves.

I run across plenty of negative people that are very vocal in how bad life is, how bad the day is, who are unforgiving as to what others have done to them. It is hard for them to see a way out when their minds are full of these things.

I find that for myself, as hard as it is in the middle of crisis or major disappointment, it is much better to look forward to upcoming good things. When others try to infect you with "things won't get any better" fill your mind with how you would like things to be better or how things might become better. Fill it with prayer, and with praises to God for the good things that have happened in your life. If you let your mind get polluted with others' negatives you only have a more miserable day.

For the sake of argument, let's say that things don't get better in the upcoming day, week, or month. Let's say you were right in your negative thoughts. That does not change the fact that having filled your mind with the positive possibilities and the goodness of God has still made your day, week, or month less miserable than it would have been otherwise. It may also have changed some of your circumstances.

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Bruce said...

PastorDIC: your last blog was very encouraging. Thanks for the article.