Saturday, December 9, 2006

Carl's Starter never started

It has been over a year since I have baked bread. First, I was trying to cut down on bread to lose weight. Then my wife was diagnosed as borderline diabetic and she had to cut down on everything made with flour. Unfortunately, I never saved some of my starter.

Recently I had enough of being without homemade bread. I could make the bread, cut back on the amount I ate, and freeze the rest. A few days ago, I decided to start the sample of Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter sample I had received recently from and was without success. I carefully followed the instructions, and even had my wife double test the temperature of the water for me. It just sat there no matter how much I pampered it and stirred it for days. When it did not work, I made it thinner and then tried adding warmer water. Nothing worked.

Has anyone used Carl Sourdough Starter with success, and it is it good sourdough? I do not know. I don't know if it is it worth waiting and getting a new sample of Carl's, or should I buy a commercial one, such as from The Baker's Catalog, or one of those San Francisco ones. I live in Battle Ground WA and have not been able to find any place to purchase a starter locally.

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Anonymous said...

Just saw your post and thought I would reply. I received some of Carl's starter last year and just came across the package in the cupboard last week. I mixed up a start and it worked great.

So far have made 6 loaves of bread and some amazing pancakes. I'm still learning the sourdough techniques but I recomend his starter. Hope this helps!

Let me know if you need any more of the starter...I've since dried my own to give to family.