Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My early Christmas present to my wife was a great success!

My wife is like a little kid when it comes to Christmas presents. She has to have at least one present well before December 24/25. This year her early Christmas was a big success.

I got my wife a Digital Photo Frame. You transfer digital pictures to it and then have a slideshow of your digital pictures. You can also include sound and video. The pictures look as good as a printed picture. In fact, it is much nicer than a bunch of printed photographs that you have looked at two or three times and then relegated to a box in a closet somewhere.

With the Digital Photo Frame we get to see pictures of family. We get to see pictures of vacations. We get to see pictures of day trips to take a ride somewhere. We get to see pictures of geocaches. We even get to see pictures of silly people at work. We get to see pictures of our pets.

Setup was simple, especially with the easy start guide that was included in the one we got. There is a lot of memory for many pictures, and there are more memory ports than I know what to do with. The ports include a USB port for my thumb drive, and SD and XD ports for the cards from our digital cameras.

The worst part of the entire photo frame is pretty funny. I will take a break from using my laptop and my slideshow screensaver will show up. Pretty soon I will hear "You need to put that picture in my photo frame". Fortunately with all the memory there is room for lots of pictures.

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